Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Ca., Jonathan Hernandez AKA “John Calvry” at the young age of 12 slowly began to open his eyes to the world that we live in and realize life struggles both inside and outside the church.

“Many see me, especially growing up and think I had it all good but there’s always a side to every person that not everyone knows.”

Being a pastor’s son who was always at church he says even though he was in church, the church wasn’t necessarily in him. The pressure to be perfect in front of the eyes of the men, women and youth at the church became overwhelming for him at a young age. He began to grow anger and hatred in him towards people who hurt his family emotionally and it is then when he started to rebel not only against his family but also the church.Thoughts of failure and worthlessness began to creep up on his mind.

At the same time he was extremely tired of every person he met telling him he would be the next pastor of his church or that he is going to follow in his father’s footsteps. In his mind he really just wanted to make his own decisions as to who and what he wanted to be but the thought of people deciding for him, did not sit well with him. With all the anger and hatred, he fell into a deep depression and contemplated the thought of suicide many times. Feeling alone he tried overdosing himself on pills, trying to find a way out of the pain and hurt at such a young age, but with no success. Because of the impact of the culture he tried searching for love in girls and the music scene; yet found no response for what he felt.

At the age of thirteen attending a Sunday morning service he hears a sermon given at his church by an invited minister that completely changed my life and for the first time accepted God in his heart as his savior. He was desperately in need of a way out and at that point all this talk about a God, who can make that change, was what he was searching for. The Lord then began to work wonders in his life, from his spiritual life to his mentality towards everything. 

He then began to think about how many more young teens may be going through the exact same thing he went through and maybe even worse than him and more specifically pastors kids. 


“For some reason the stereotype of a pastor’s kid is that we are the worst ones of all,… and at times it is only because we get tired of all the pressure and simply want to just get away, so I truly understand, but also understand that that isn’t the answer and I want to help those in need with what God has put me through.”


Growing up he has always had a love for music and was raised in a musical family. His sister (Isabel Hernandez; 24) sings worship at the church along with his mother (Pauline Hernandez), matter a fact she has recorded her own album (“Mi Ofrenda Hoy”). He’s always had a passion for the art and truly believes God has placed it in him for a reason. In the past 3 years Trilogy has traveled to places from San Bernardino, to Palmdale, to San Diego, to Fontana, and Santa Anna and many places in between sharing the gospel through his music. Releasing his first mixtape "Only the beginning", launched him into the world with his single "Go Beyond". The following year he decided to release his first solo project titled "Toxic" which took him to a whole new level with a fusion of sounds relating the world we live in to the toxicity effect it has on life. In 2014 he then chose to collaborate with Christian Clothing Line "Flatline" in which he released his third mixtape "Hope".


“I know that all that I have been through in life has been for a purpose and all I want to do is share it with as many people as I can for the glory of God. Many people have been chosen but only a few will make it all the way, and I want to be part of the few. I want nothing more but to live unashamed of the gospel and preach his name.”


He currently graduated Latin American Bible Institute (LABI), in La Puente, Ca., where he earned his Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Ministry, forming a firm foundation for his music to impact the Hip Hop community. He now attends Vanguard University of Southern California, studying as a Communications Major. He is still attending his fathers (Edwin Hernandez) church, in which he now serves as a youth leader and head of the Media Team striving to make a difference in the culture we now live in, both as a hip hop artist, preacher, leader, and overall servant of God.

In October of 2015, he released his debut EP "Gracewood" produced by Uneak Music which landed him success peaking at #79 on the top 100 New Hip-Hop/Rap Albums on iTunes.